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Holistic Horizons

Holistic Horizons is a family-owned and operated disability support service.
We take a collaborative, inclusive approach to support services, always emphasising compassion and self-empowerment.

Our dedicated team is committed to the wellbeing, health, and happiness of our clients, and we work closely with families and support coordinators to achieve outstanding outcomes.

Caring and understanding is at the heart of what we do, and we are proud of the terrific results we have achieved. Our goal is to help clients achieve their goals and see their hopes fulfilled. Whether you need support services in Redcliffe Peninsula, Caboolture, or surrounding areas, Holistic Horizons is here to help.

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Our Services

At Holistic Horizons, we believe that everyone deserves access to quality care and support, regardless of their abilities. Our support services are designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual, providing personalised care and support that promotes independence and well-being

NDIS Support Coordination

We are your trusted provider of NDIS support coordination services and we can help you access the support and services you need.

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Community Access

Our community access services are designed to help you participate in social and recreational activities that are important to you.

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Supported Independent Living Services

We offer an ever-growing list of residential properties, each carefully selected and designed to provide the highest level of comfort and support.

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Lifestyle Enrichment Program

These programs provide individuals with the opportunity to experience new activities in a safe environment.

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Our Properties

Our residential properties are carefully selected and designed to provide the highest level of comfort and support.

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Respite Care

Our respite care services are designed to provide short-term care and support when caregivers a much-needed break.

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Respite Care

Holistic Horizons believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a fulfilling life, and respite care plays an important role in achieving this goal. We offer a range of services, including medication management, personal care, and recreational activities, all delivered with compassion and respect.

Our respite care services are designed to be flexible, so you can choose the level of support that best suits your needs. We understand that every individual and family has unique requirements, and we are committed to providing personalized care and support that meets those needs.


Community Access

Community access enables individuals to participate in community activities and events. This includes assistance with transportation, accessing community resources, and participating in recreational and social activities. Our community access services are designed to help individuals develop and maintain social relationships, enhance their quality of life, and improve their overall well-being. 
Through our social and community support, we foster therapy skills, life skills, social skills, and building skills, as well as provide assistance with work and education where needed.

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You Deserve The Very Best in Supported Independent Living

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Lifestyle Enrichment Program

Our lifestyle enrichment program can be tailored to meet the needs and preferences of each individual and may include a range of activities such as sightseeing, cultural experiences, and social events. These activities are designed to provide individuals with the opportunity to experience travel and leisure activities in a safe and supportive environment.
We provide trained staff to support you including assistance with personal care, medication management, and mobility support. The goal of our lifestyle enrichment program is to promote independence, social inclusion, and personal growth, while providing a fun and memorable experience.

lifestyle enrichment program lifestyle enrichment program

Independent Living Homes

Our team of experienced caregivers are committed to providing the highest level of support to all our clients, ensuring that they feel at home and comfortable in their new environment. 

Our residential properties are designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual, providing a safe and comfortable home environment that promotes independence and well-being. We offer a range of accommodation options, from fully supported independent living to short-term stays and respite care.

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Why Choose Us


Everyone at Holistic Horizons is dedicated to the quality of the services we provide, and to the happiness and dignity of those in our care. We believe in what we do; and we do whatever we can to make sure our clients believe in us.


We value the contributions our client’s families make, and we make sure to include them in our planning. We hold regular family meetings, and provide them ongoing access to our services


Determined to the provide the best possible outcomes for our clients and their families, we make every effort to ensure our support networks are versatile, responsive, and adaptable to our client’s needs and wishes.


"Holistic Horizons are so caring and have given me the best opportunities to live my best life. I love the Holistic staff, and the facilities are the best."


"Holistic Horizons have the best facilities, and the support workers genuinely care for me. I feel confident, independent, and in control of my life"


"I think Holistic Horizons is the best, because I have been with the company for a while and I hope that more people will join up and love it as much as I do"