Holistic Horizons Support Services - Alex Evans

Alex Evans

Operations Manager

Alex has been the Operations Manager at Holistic Horizons Support Services since June 2023. Alex began his journey with Holistic Horizons in 2020 as a Support Worker, demonstrating a strong commitment to the company’s mission and values. Over the years, Alex has taken on various roles, each contributing to the development of his extensive operational expertise.

Before becoming the Operations Manager, Alex transitioned to an office-based role within the growing Accommodation Services team, where he focused on the respite services. This experience paved the way for Alex to assume greater responsibilities in the operational management of the Accommodation Department.

Prior to joining Holistic Horizons, Alex built a successful career in the appliance spare parts industry. He was instrumental in expanding the company’s online presence from the ground up, cultivating a large and loyal customer base. Unfortunately, the company disbanded during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With a background in graphic design, Alex brings a unique blend of creative and analytical skills to his role. He has enjoyed climbing the career ladder at Holistic Horizons and is dedicated to overseeing the company’s day-to-day operations with efficiency and strategic insight.

In his current role, Alex is focused on ensuring the smooth and effective management of all operational aspects, driving continuous improvement, and supporting the growth and success of Holistic Horizons Support Services.