Holistic Horizons Support Services - Emma Daniel

Emma Daniel

Aged Care Service Manager

Emma’s journey in the field of Aged Care has been both extensive and enriching. Beginning her career in Residential Aged Care, she transitioned seamlessly into Community Aged Care, where her passion for supporting the elderly in maintaining their independence flourished.

Throughout her career, Emma has embodied the principles of consumer-directed care, ensuring that the needs and preferences of the older generation remain central to her work.

As she embarks on her new role as an Aged Care Service Manager, Emma brings with her a wealth of experience and a deep-seated commitment to excellence. With a background rooted in Aged Care and hospitality, she has honed her skills in team management, adeptly navigating challenges and fostering a culture of support and collaboration.

Emma’s dedication to her profession is evident in her unwavering dedication to providing compassionate care and empowering those under her charge. Her journey serves as an inspiring example of resilience, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to enhancing the lives our older generation in our communities.