Holistic Horizons Support Services - Yianni Wirepa

Yianni Wirepa

NDIS Service Manager

Yianni has been an integral part of Holistic Horizons since 2020, demonstrating unwavering dedication and exceptional leadership skills. He began his journey with us as a support worker, quickly showcasing his ability to inspire and lead. Recognised for his talent, Yianni was appointed as one of our first Team Leaders, where he managed and mentored a team of up to 30 support workers, consistently helping them enhance their skills and deliver outstanding care.

In 2021, Yianni’s organisational prowess and leadership acumen caught the attention of our growing Accommodation department. He transitioned into the role of SIL (Supported Independent Living) Leader, where he continued to excel and drive positive change.

In March 2023, Yianni embraced a new challenge as our NDIS Services Manager. Since then, he has been at the helm of our Service Coordinators, guiding them with his visionary approach and deep commitment to client care. Under his leadership, the NDIS services team has flourished, delivering comprehensive and personalised support to our clients.

Early in 2024, Holistic Horizons witnessed a strategic merger of the Accommodation and Service departments, forming a unified team under Yianni’s capable management. His holistic approach and innovative strategies have been instrumental in seamlessly integrating these departments, ensuring a cohesive and efficient service delivery model.

Yianni’s journey from support worker to NDIS Services Manager is a testament to his hard work, passion, and leadership. His continuous efforts to improve our services and support his team make him a cornerstone of Holistic Horizons.